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On the Green Grass: Professor Kathleen A. Cahalan

I had an epiphany about lectio divina. Lectio is an epiphany practice. I took a private retreat at St. Paul Monastery the first week of January and in the liturgical calendar it’s the week of Epiphany (following the feast on Sunday). Each of the gospel readings that week tells of an epiphany in Jesus’ ministry…
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Lectio of Surprises

Lectio of Surprises I’ve been practicing sustained lectio divina for a long time. Over the course of praying with many texts, I’m continually surprised by God. Last spring, I finished a long lectio with the Gospel of Luke that took me two-and-half years. It worked out that I read chapter 22 and 23 during Lent…
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Practicing Sustained Lectio Divina

This reflection about sustained lectio divina is excerpted from Dr. Kathleen Cahalan's keynote lecture at the Benedictine Center on 27 Oct 2017, "Today This Scripture Is Fulfilled in Your Hearing." Click here for the full transcript, including a demonstration of lectio using the Gospel of Luke. Dr. Cahalan is professor of practical theology at Saint…
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