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Re-Entry in the World

Re-Entry in the World by Mary Elizabeth Ilg Summer has returned to Minnesota after an extremely dark and lonely winter.  Following the gentle tulips of spring, perennial gardens have now exploded in a pageantry of color, and the frilly pink dresses of peonies.  Recently, there have been many days of oppressive, record-breaking heat.  What could…
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Lectio Divina Transformation

Lectio Divina Transformation “CONSIDER THE RAVENS; THEY DO NOT SOW OR REAP, YET YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER FEEDS THEM.” What was on my mind at that time was scarcity.  Fear.  Economic insecurity.  In 2017, I lost my 27-year job as an office manager for an engineering consulting business when my former employer suddenly died.  I was…
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Desire, Perseverance, Making Our Way: Reflections from the Monastic Retreat

Desire, Perseverance, Making Our Way Reflections from the Monastic Retreat On a Sunday evening in mid-June, the annual Community Retreat began at St. Paul’s Monastery.  The Sisters assembled in their usual places in the glowing Chapel, lit by the summer sky in the clerestory windows, joined by several Oblates, Benedictine Associates, and me.  The white…
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