Benedictine Center Events

Benedictine Center Events

THE BENEDICTINE CENTER SHARES THE MONASTIC HERITAGE OF ST. PAUL'S MONASTERY with all who seek to live with the Gospel as their guide. The Benedictine Center event line-up include a wide array workshops, retreats, and meaningful conversations rooted in Benedictine insights about the life lived well. Whether your interests are primarily about life & work, prayer and meditation, community and connection, or art & spirituality, there’s something coming up for you.

Current Event Offerings

School of Discernment 2022

Friday, November 11 at 1:00PM - Sunday, November 13 at 1:00PM
with Kathleen Cahalan and members of the Benedictine Center Spiritual Direction Team

The School of Discernment is an opportunity to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit under the guidance of skilled teachers and listeners and with the benefit of wisdom from the monastic tradition—now offered in hybrid format, both in-person and online simultaneously. The framework includes a daily rhythm of prayer with the monastic community, sessions on the practice of discernment, reflection questions for quiet time, and one-on-one meetings. No one will be obligated to share publicly about the particulars of their own stories, but each will have the opportunity to do so as they choose. Spiritual directors will be available to assist with the process of discernment and any questions and insights as they arise. This event will take place in real time in hybrid format, both in-person and via Zoom.

Learn more about this event here.

Spiritual Direction

Open Dates
Benedictine Center Spiritual Direction Team

People like you and me inquire about spiritual direction when life changes in ways that are outside of our control, when we are trying to find a way forward and things are still fuzzy, when our old ways of praying don’t seem to be feeding us, or when we are just plain looking for “something more.” If you are now or have ever been in one of these places, know that you are standing among many honest companions.

For as often as inner restlessness and outer transitions bring people to spiritual direction, there is something even more common—the recommendation of a friend. Sometimes the people around us notice before we do that it’s time for us to be paying closer attention. I hear regularly that what brings a person to spiritual direction was someone who said, “I recommend you consider meeting with a spiritual director about this. All I can say is it’s been helpful to me.”

Learn more about Spiritual Direction here.

Personal Retreat

Open Dates
Benedictine Center of St. Paul's Monastery

The experienced members of the Benedictine Center staff enjoy helping women and men like you find just the right blend of resources for their unique spiritual journeys. With a better sense of your preferences in terms of timing, special diets, accommodations and more, we will help you plan your retreat and gather any resources you might need, including the option to meet with a spiritual director.

Learn more about visiting the Benedictine Center for your next personal retreat here.

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