The Benedictine Commitment to Learning

The Benedictine Commitment to Learning

The persistent challenges of our times place people squarely at crossroads. Women and men are continuously pushed, it seems, to search for any lasting wisdom that might help them make sense of things at the intersection of faith and life. Standing there, sometimes feeling alone and often just looking from side to side, we realize why we need places like the Benedictine Center in our lives.

We need sacred spaces because they serve as custodians for the treasures found within our faith traditions. This requires the service of faithful custodians in every parish, retreat center, and socially conscious organization precisely because there is so much to learn and discover. Benedict seemed to understand that there is an abundance of wisdom to be harvested as he instructed his followers to keep reading—and praying what they read—their whole lives long.

The other reason we need places like the Benedictine Center is because we need places to connect for conversation—not just warm and fuzzy chats—but safe places that allow us to share our discomforts and uncertainties. This happens in monastic dining rooms, in spiritual direction, and through gatherings of people around particular topics.

I invite you to slow down at your own crossroads and see what wisdom is waiting for you here. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll meet at the Monastery to explore what we are learning together.

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