Discernment Begins Now

Discernment Begins Now

Discernment means a lot of things to people, but I like the approach of seeing discernment as a way of life. To put it another way, discernment is spending time in God’s presence today as a way to prepare for what’s coming tomorrow. The decisions or crises will still be hard, but the conversation between you and God has already started.

I used to think that the sense of calling that was supposed to guide me would come from outside of me, but these days I’m wondering whether the calling of my life is also built into me. It’s a sort of partnership, I suppose, and it feels freeing to trust that God might be calling me to give myself in ways that grow life between me and others. The life that I’m laying down can be joyfully given and joyfully shared.


Knowing God, Knowing Myself

Discernment is about both knowing God and knowing myself. It’s not that I won’t be led sometimes to serve in difficult situations or endure painful times, but there can be sense and coherence to the big picture. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to perform for others and fit into what they see as important and meaningful. These days, I’m glad to be thinking about what God wants and what fits best for me. It sits lighter on me, and living out of a sense of God’s acceptance allows me to be good to others more easily.

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