Sustaining the Practice Retreat (3 nights or more)

Flexible Dates
Benedictine Center
Often people who are feeling called to integrate the disciplines of silence and spiritual practice into their lives choose a retreat of three nights or more. A Sustaining the Practice Retreat invites a person to set aside a significant window of time (between 3 and 7 nights) for renewal and growth. One can explore the riches of […]

Peace Retreat (2 nights)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Peace Retreat helps you settle in to the calm that greets you at the monastery doors. Day 1 helps you familiarize yourself with the beauty and resources. Day 2 allows you the freedom to linger without travel. Day 3 allows you to ease back into normal life. The Peace Retreat helps you begin to feel […]

Quiet Retreat (1 night)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Quiet Retreat gives you one night away from responsibilities. The room and three home-cooked meals are prepared with a personal touch. You are welcome but not obligated to join the Sisters for prayer. Take in the art, read, or walk the labyrinth as you choose. The time is yours. Some guests find it helpful to […]

Day of Prayer (no overnight)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Day of Prayer is a simple way to step into some quiet. Enjoy a private room and whatever degree of solitude you prefer. Some guests join the Sisters for midday prayer and visit with them at lunch. Others prefer to journal, read, pray and walk the grounds at their leisure. The monastic library, art […]

Guided Retreat for the Emerging Poet

With Victor Klimoski

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
Looking for a chance to spend time with your inner writer? This individualized retreat, guided by an experienced poet, provides space and support to explore ways of enriching your writing practice. Over the course of the 48 hours, you will have the opportunity to meet with writing coach Victor Klimoski to discuss your poems, the […]

Explore/Inquire About a Customized Personal Retreat

Open Dates
Benedictine Center
The experienced members of the Benedictine Center staff enjoy helping women and men like you find just the right blend of resources for their unique spiritual journeys. With a better sense of your preferences in terms of timing, special diets, accommodations and more, we will help you plan your retreat and gather any resources you might need, […]

Writing Our Way to Understanding [Online]

With Victor Klimoski

September 21 - November 23, 2020
Online via Zoom
Mondays, 7-9p, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 23: The writer, Joan Didion, says that she only recognizes what she is thinking when she finally puts it down in words. This series invites writers to deepen their skills of written expression by exploring several key Benedictine concepts: community, stewardship, and hospitality, drawing on their own experience and insights. This interactive class will take place online via Zoom.

Together in Contemplation: A Practice-Based Spiritual Formation Group [online]

With Jody Reis Johnson

September 22 - December 15, 2020
Online via Zoom
Tuesdays, 7-9p, Sept. 22, Oct. 13, Nov. 17, and Dec. 15: Writers in the Christian contemplative tradition have long upheld the practices of silence and community as invitations into holy mystery. The starting point for a life of prayer is seeking God, and the practice of silence can open the heart and grow our awareness of God's presence in daily life. Quiet down the noise and find companions along the spiritual path. Join Jody Reis Johnson for a 4-month spiritual growth group aimed at deepening your relationship with God through contemplative practice, spiritual readings, and discussion about the journey we…

SoulCollage® Sunday Circle [Online]

With Barbara Sutton

September 27 - December 13, 2020
Online via Zoom
 SoulCollage® Sunday Circle will provide open space for creating and exploring your SoulCollage cards with facilitator Barbara Sutton. It is a casual afternoon for those new to and experienced with SoulCollage to bring their circle wisdom forward each month! Sessions will include a soulful reflection, card making, and gleaning wisdom from these exercises. No previous art experience is necessary! To learn more about SoulCollage, visit Please note: Sunday Circles will be offered online via Zoom.

Attentive Companions: Spiritual Direction and the Journey with God [Online]

With Kami Pohl, Tod Twist and Sheryl Rose

September 29, 2020
No one can walk our spiritual journey for us. We enter, one by one, into the presence of the mystery of God and listen wholeheartedly to what God asks of us. But that journey need not be made alone. There are times when having a companion who listens to us and who helps us to listen to ourselves sharpens our ability to listen to the voice of God. This workshop offers those new to spiritual direction a place to start and those experienced with spiritual direction insight into making the most of each session. Please note: this event will take…

Praying With The Psalms: An Evening Of Reflection [Online]

With Susan Stabile

October 20, 2020
Online via Zoom
It has been suggested that the Book of Psalms is the prayer book of the church. With vivid imagery, the psalms express the full range of human emotions, and give us insights into God and ourselves. One commentator called the psalms "essentially a record of the human quest for God." The psalms are meant to be prayed, not simply read. We know from the Gospels that they were prayed by Jesus, and they remain essential to the prayer of Benedictine communities and the church at large. This evening of reflection encourages us to pray with the psalms in a way…

What Crisis Teaches: A Benedictine Perspective [Online]

With Victor Klimoski

October 22, 2020
Online via Zoom
In the middle of a crisis, we are wide awake. Aware of how our lives are being upended, we have a clarity of mind that does not sweat the small stuff and reprioritizes what is important. But then the crisis passes, its urgency fades, and we return to life as usual. This conversation explores what we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic through the prism of Saint Benedict’s call to attentiveness, listening, and conversion of life. This class will be offered online via Zoom..

School of Discernment [Online]

With Kathleen Cahalan, Samuel Rahberg and S. Virginia Matter OSB

December 4 - 6, 2020
The School of Discernment is an opportunity to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit under the guidance of skilled teachers and listeners and with the benefit of wisdom from the monastic tradition, now available online. The framework includes a daily rhythm of prayer with the monastic community, sessions on the practice of discernment, reflection questions for quiet time, and one-on-one meetings, all via Zoom. No one will be obligated to share publicly about the particulars of their own stories, but each will have the opportunity to do so as they choose. Spiritual directors will be available to assist with…

Advent Women In Song And Scripture [Online]

With Katy Wehr

December 14, 2020
Spend an evening with the women of the Gospels. The Virgin Mary, Elizabeth, the Prophetess Anna and other women healed by Christ have much to teach us about Advent waiting, hope, and joy. Musician and speaker Katy Wehr will draw from a variety of sources to give a presentation that is part-Bible study and part-concert. Using Scripture, fine art for visio divina, and songs from her album - And All the Marys - Katy will help participants hear Advent stories afresh through an interdisciplinary approach. You can preview the music at or search on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. This…