Finding My Yeses for This Year

The outset of a new year calls us to be clear-eyed about our lives. Choosing our yeses for the year means learning to say no to other things (even some good things) when a bigger YES is calling. Otherwise, old patterns and half-hearted commitments prevent us from engaging the purposes, relationships, and joys that give our lives deep meaning.  Join with others who know these pressures and who take new beginnings seriously. Gather for prayerful reflection about your yeses for 2020 and find practical guidance for keeping the most important things clearly within view.

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Location: Benedictine Center

Address: St. Paul's Monastery 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109

Date & Time Details: Thurs., Jan. 9, 9a-3p

  • $40.00 – Program Price

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