Dark Though It Is: A Poetry Reading with Michael Dennis Browne

“with nobody listening we are saying thank you / we are saying thank you and waving / dark though it is.”

These are the last lines of “Thanks” by W.S. Merwin.” Many poems seek to explore the hidden radiance in things and restore it to our full attention. In these times, it is easy to forget, to despair; poems, like prayers, remind us of our true nature. Michael Dennis Browne will be reading a number of his favorite poems, from various traditions, that carry intimations of hope and gratitude, that help us to stay awake, to keep watch.

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Location: Benedictine Center

Address: St. Paul's Monastery 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109

Date & Time Details: Thurs., Oct. 10, 7-8:30p

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