(Professional Day) Nurturing a Sense of Calling in Congregational Life

How do Christians today understand the meaning of vocation?

In what ways do they experience God’s call? What tools for discerning God’s call do they utilize? Do they consider their work a calling from God? Do Christians understand God’s call in relationship to their whole life—their whole life long—from childhood to their elder years? How do people balance multiple callings—to work, family, and faith?

Vocation is a Central Question

Vocation is a central question for the Christian life, touching on everything from who we are (identity and discipleship), to how we live (marriage, the single life, or vowed religious), to what we do (professional work and volunteer service). The concept of vocation has received renewed attention from theologians in recent years, expanding beyond traditional definitions of pastoral ministry to include the diverse ways God calls us to particular work and commitments as well as ways God calls us in our various life circumstances. The concept of vocation embraces many of the central questions of our lives: how to find meaning and purpose in work, how to balance work, service, and family, and how to lead an authentic, integrated life.

How can pastors and ministers reframe and expand Christian vocation for all the people in their communities? And how can they support people’s callings at all seasons of their life and in all circumstances?

What to Expect

This workshop will explore:

  1. a dynamic theology of vocation,
  2. the spiritual practices of vocation, and
  3. practical ways of nurturing vocation in congregational life.

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Location: Benedictine Center

Address: St. Paul's Monastery 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109

Date & Time Details: 9a-1p (professional day)

  • $40.00 – Program Price

includes lunch

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