Solitude and Friendship: Developing an Alternative Script

What is your script for being single? Loneliness, Alone, Opportunities, Busyness, Talking to Myself, Making Peace with Old Relationships? Single adults have a narrative that defines their life, and it varies across age and geography, delusions and opportunity. This is often an autonomy/community paradox for people who are single. Our time together will sort out our scripts and provide time to reimagine what God is doing in our lives. We will not solve all life’s contradictions; we take some time for solitude to discover what is happening or has happened in our lives.

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Location: Benedictine Center

Address: St. Paul's Monastery 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109

Date & Time Details: Tues., Nov. 27, 4-9p (includes dinner)

  • $40.00 – Program

includes dinner

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