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Sustaining the Practice Retreat (3 nights or more)

Flexible Dates
Benedictine Center
Often people who are feeling called to integrate the disciplines of silence and spiritual practice into their lives choose a retreat of three nights or more. A Sustaining the Practice Retreat invites a person to set aside a significant window of time (between 3 and 7 nights) for renewal and growth. One can explore the riches of […]

Peace Retreat (2 nights)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Peace Retreat helps you settle in to the calm that greets you at the monastery doors. Day 1 helps you familiarize yourself with the beauty and resources. Day 2 allows you the freedom to linger without travel. Day 3 allows you to ease back into normal life. The Peace Retreat helps you begin to feel […]

Quiet Retreat (1 night)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Quiet Retreat gives you one night away from responsibilities. The room and three home-cooked meals are prepared with a personal touch. You are welcome but not obligated to join the Sisters for prayer. Take in the art, read, or walk the labyrinth as you choose. The time is yours. Some guests find it helpful to […]

Day of Prayer (no overnight)

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
A Day of Prayer is a simple way to step into some quiet. Enjoy a private room and whatever degree of solitude you prefer. Some guests join the Sisters for midday prayer and visit with them at lunch. Others prefer to journal, read, pray and walk the grounds at their leisure. The monastic library, art […]

Ongoing Prayer Opportunities

Open Dates
Today's seekers are often looking for meaningful, low-obligation experiences. At the Benedictine Center, the Sisters' rhythm of daily prayer inspires unique possibilities for connection. Sisters and facilitators hold open a space, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. Women and men with any level of experience can then drop-in when it works works with their schedules and needs. Most […]

Guided Retreat for the Emerging Poet

With Victor Klimoski

Package Dates
Benedictine Center
Looking for a chance to spend time with your inner writer? This individualized retreat, guided by an experienced poet, provides space and support to explore ways of enriching your writing practice. Over the course of the 48 hours, you will have the opportunity to meet with writing coach Victor Klimoski to discuss your poems, the […]

Explore/Inquire About a Customized Personal Retreat

Open Dates
Benedictine Center
The experienced members of the Benedictine Center staff enjoy helping women and men like you find just the right blend of resources for their unique spiritual journeys. With a better sense of your preferences in terms of timing, special diets, accommodations and more, we will help you plan your retreat and gather any resources you might need, […]

Tavern Topic Nights

With Rev. Kathie Nycklemoe

Open Dates
Join Pastor Kathie Nycklemoe at 5:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at North Star Tavern (5101 W. 98th St. in Bloomington) for conversation, beverage and food of your choice. If you enjoy talking about the basic stuff of faith and life with laughter, please come! Contact Pastor Kathie at knycklemoe@ststephen.net with questions.

Envisioning Hope in Dark Days

May 6 - July 5, 2019
St. Paul's Monastery Gallery
Featuring Various Artists.

SoulCollage® Sunday Circle

With Barbara Sutton

June 2 - December 1, 2019
Benedictine Center
 SoulCollage Sunday Circle will provide open space for creating and exploring your SoulCollage cards with facilitator Barbara Sutton. It is a casual afternoon for the new and experienced SoulCollage to bring our circle wisdom forward each month! Sessions will include a soulful reflection, card making, gleaning the wisdom and pairing soul and labyrinth. Images, glue, scissors and cards will be awaiting you. No previous art experience is necessary! To learn more about SoulCollage, visit www.soulcollage.com.

Visions of Nature in Art: A Retreat on the Gunflint Trail

With Rev. Peggy Thompson and S. Jacqueline Leiter OSB

July 6 - 13, 2019
Cabin in the North Woods
God the Creator has infused the world with a spirit of life and vitality, leading us to wonder and calling us to ever greater attention. Artists know this sense of wonder and practice sharpening their skills of attention so that they, too, might communicate God’s presence through their mediums. Steal away to Northern Minnesota and and join painters Peggy Thompson and S. Jackie Leiter OSB for a soulful experience of nature and hands-on forms of reflection. The week-long experience takes place at Peggy’s family cabin, nestled between lakes 45 minutes outside of Grand Marais.

Condensed School of Lectio Divina

With Samuel Rahberg and S. Virginia Matter OSB

July 19 - 21, 2019
Benedictine Center
Learn the art of sustained lectio divina, "a dialogue with God through the text over time" (Kathleen Cahalan). The Condensed School of Lectio Divina adapts the Benedictine Center’s keystone experience retreat into a shorter, less-expensive format. The core teachings and the monastic experience remains intact. Sam Rahberg, in cooperation with S. Carol Rennie OSB and […]

Taizé Reflection: The Questions of Jesus

With Rev. Terri Hansen and Michael Rowe

August 16, 2019
Benedictine Center
This day of conversation and quiet reflection is inspired by the questions we hear from Jesus in the Gospels. What did they invite people to see then and what invitation do they offer Christian disciples today? Led by a spiritual director and an Oblate, the day of reflection and conversation concludes with prayer in the style of Taizé.