A New Story

This reflection was written in response to an experience at the Benedictine Center called "Divine Spark: Kindling the Fires of Ministry."

A New Story

Light from Your presence
Sparks my soul

The spark and careful tending start a small flame
Writing, reflection, good conversation partners, prayer and lectio breathe life into the flame

The challenges of daily life appear immediately upon return home
Overwhelmed by urgent needs, I'm not sure I can do both...family and ministry

Some restless sleep, an appointment kept in my prayer room
An invitation to begin again with a fresh spark for today

A visual reminder of my new story revealed
A gift given because of the pleasure already received from watching the art come to life

An opportunity missed to accept the gift of watching others do ministry
A graced reminder that I noticed

A gentle intention made in the Light of Your presence
Sparks my soul to begin again.

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