Seeing God 2021 Virtual Exhibit: Carlson, Brick, and Allen

Seeing God: An Exhibit of Sacred Art 2021

Enjoy this year's virtual exhibit! We invite you to pause with each image as if you were walking our Gallery at St. Paul’s Monastery and read the artist’s statement about their piece. The rest of the exhibit will be posted on the blog throughout February and March. Please check back regularly to experience the entire Seeing God 2021 Virtual Exhibit. VIEW ALL CURRENTLY PUBLISHED EXHIBIT POSTS.


Divine Mystery

With the materiality of scissors, card stock, folds, foil, and reflected sunrise, I created and photographed this paper-engineered three-dimensional symbol. For me, this represents a portal through my pain in these times to Divine Mystery, a Mystery interwoven with Agape, unconditional love, and Hesed, faithful presence.

Artist Helen Carlson
Paper and foil construction   12 x 12 x 4

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How Can The Center Hold

How can I continue when the center has fallen out of my life, when I become uncentered? But then a higher power helps me find a higher purpose. It retrieves my center, repairs my soul—and then I can repair the world. Tikkun olam!

Artist Sandra Brick
Linen, assorted thread types   10 x 10

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Madonna and Child of Forgiveness

I see God in nature and in religious art. I also see God in prayer, meditation, and painting. My favorite subject to paint is the Madonna and Child. I have been painting this subject since high school and have made a commitment to paint one Madonna and Child painting each year. This, my most recent piece, Madonna and Child of Forgiveness, because I feel that God is merciful, loving, and forgiving. It was painted for my daughter Jennifer and finished in 2019.

Artist Jean M. Allen
Acrylic on canvas   16 x 20

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About this Exhibit

Seeing God: An Exhibit of Sacred Art is virtual for 2021. To continue this important, long-standing exhibit, we are moving it online this year. While the Gallery at St. Paul’s Monastery is not physically open to hang this exhibit, we still need art, especially now. Artists' work will speak to the following questions: What challenges and what blessings are you experiencing as you live and make art now? How are you Seeing God during this unprecedented time? Where are you Seeing God? During this pause in the Benedictine Center programming, this exhibit will provide a much-needed source of inspiration to those who would otherwise come to the monastery. Entries will be posted online throughout February and March. VIEW ALL SEEING GOD 2021 POSTS.

If you are interested in purchasing a work from this exhibit contact Kathy Fleming.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this virtual gallery. Such a divine pleasure! Abundant Blessings to all.

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