Seeing God 2021 Virtual Exhibit: Duncan, Eckes, and Fleming

Seeing God: An Exhibit of Sacred Art 2021

Enjoy this year's virtual exhibit! We invite you to pause with each image as if you were walking our Gallery at St. Paul’s Monastery and read the artist’s statement about their piece. The rest of the exhibit will be posted on the blog throughout February and March. Please check back regularly to experience the entire Seeing God 2021 Virtual Exhibit. VIEW ALL CURRENTLY PUBLISHED EXHIBIT POSTS.



I have walked this familiar road many miles over the last 25 years. Throughout all the transitional changes of seasons, I continue to never tire or lose hope about what lies ahead on this life journey. This road continues to remind me to value walks with my husband, children and grandchildren by my side and I have found these treasured moments so fulfilling and memorable.

As a Plein air artist, I am grateful to have such rewarding and authentic moments to take in the beauty that surrounds us and beckons our very being. With much gratitude and desire to connect on a deeper level with God gives me very blessed prayerful moments to reflect upon as I find joy in the process of painting.

Artist Pat Duncan
Pastel on paper   12 x 16

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Unutterable Intercessions

Our lives, once neatly aligned, have been precariously upended. This collection of stitched cubes are as much about beauty and process as they are about continual prayer during this incomparable year. The colorful layered stitching portrays prayers "too deep" to utter; prayers that cover everything. "The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words" (Romans 8:26 ESV). Cube arrangements are simple and childlike—vulnerable—forming a unique balance with every new formation.

Artist Mia Eckes
Hand stitching on cloth covered wooden cubes stacked in various formations

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This has been such a year for change in every aspect of our lives. I feel the need to walk along the shore of Lake Superior for clarity and calm, drawing strength from the rhythm of the water and the stability of the shoreline.

Artist Kathy Fleming
Watercolor and ink on paper   15 x 22

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About this Exhibit

Seeing God: An Exhibit of Sacred Art is virtual for 2021. To continue this important, long-standing exhibit, we are moving it online this year. While the Gallery at St. Paul’s Monastery is not physically open to hang this exhibit, we still need art, especially now. Artists' work will speak to the following questions: What challenges and what blessings are you experiencing as you live and make art now? How are you Seeing God during this unprecedented time? Where are you Seeing God? During this pause in the Benedictine Center programming, this exhibit will provide a much-needed source of inspiration to those who would otherwise come to the monastery. Entries will be posted online throughout February and March. VIEW ALL SEEING GOD 2021 POSTS.

If you are interested in purchasing a work from this exhibit contact Kathy Fleming.

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  1. This has been a great exhibit! I am partial to Mia's work..haha

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