Group Retreats & Conferencing

Group Conferencing in a Prayerful Environment

PEOPLE WHO COME TO THE MONASTERY ARE TREATED AS HONORED GUESTS in the spirit of the religious community of women who maintain the Benedictine Center. Whether you represent a parish or congregation, professional association, educational group, foundation, or nonprofit organization, we pride ourselves on a level of hospitality that enables you to focus on what you need to accomplish. In a setting of peace and calm, the noise of everyday life is kept outside the walls so that people can listen, think, and learn together.

Taking Time for What Matters

A unique combination of quiet simplicity and warm hospitality makes this an excellent setting for your next:

  • Retreat
  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • Planning Session
  • Special Event

The Monastery’s Unique Rhythm

The monastic community's rhythm of work, prayer, leisure, and study is contagious. The Sisters continue the pattern in the midst of welcoming many guests. Guests experience the flow of monastic life through the peaceful atmosphere, shared meals, connection with a host, the invitation to join the sisters for prayer.
As you are planning your time of retreat, please be aware of the following:
  • A host will be waiting to welcome you according to the arrival time you indicated.
  • Meal times are 7:30a, 12:00p, and 5:30p and are served buffet style, except for a continental breakfast.
  • Guests are welcome to participate in the Sisters’ prayers and Eucharist. Simply inquire about the schedule and to arrange the possibility for your guests.

Benedictine Center amenities

  • Benedicta Riepp Room (45 person capacity)
  • Scholastica Room (12 person capacity)
  • Single rooms for 12 overnight guests, 23 with double occupancy
  • Full beverage, snack, and from scratch meal service
  • Experienced hospitality staff
  • Wireless internet for two conference rooms, the library, and guestrooms
  • Full range of audio-visual services
  • Facilitation services available on a fee basis
photo of the Benedicta Riepp Room at the Benedictine Center

Benedicta Riepp Room

photo of the Scholastica Room at the Benedictine Center

Scholastica Room

photo of a guest room at the Benedictine Center

Guest Room

Group Conferencing and Retreat Center FAQ’s

A: The Benedictine Center offers a personal touch that only gets better with familiarity. Retreat organizers appreciate the professionalism of the behind-the-scenes experience and guests enjoy the clean and comfortable facilities, from scratch meals, beautiful art and surroundings, and intimate setting.
A: Many groups design their own agendas and experiences after a brief consultation about the Benedictine Center’s resources and schedule for meals. Others, as part of a larger agenda, invite a member of the Benedictine Center staff to facilitate experiences around Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, or some other aspect of Benedictine spirituality.
A: No two group retreats or conferences are exactly alike. Thankfully, the Benedictine Center excels at helping organizers navigate the unique possibilities of bringing a staff, team, or conversation to St. Paul's Monastery. We'll start by working toward a good sense of your group's priorities and needs, then explore how the resources of the Benedictine Center might serve you well.

  1. No obligation inquiry and quote
  2. Simple confirmation, 25% deposit, and liability documentation
  3. Coordinated preparation and hospitality
  4. Timely follow-up and evaluation
A: The recommended donation varies according to the duration of your stay, your choice of accommodation, and whether or not you choose to use a facilitator. Staff members are happy to prepare a customized quote. For the best quality of experience, our all-inclusive packages include meals, refreshments, accommodations, and conference room. To more easily calculate the cost according to group size, the recommended donations are listed per person. Here are some of the more frequently used examples:

GROUP RETREATS/CONFERENCING (some examples. per person)
Group: 1-Day Retreat (morn, lunch, aft) $32
Group: 1-Day and Evening Retreat $52
Group: 1-Night Retreat (all-inclusive, single lodging) $106
Group: 1-Night Retreat (all-incl., dbl lodging) $91
Group: 2-Night Retreat (all-inclusive, single lodging) $212
Group: 2-Night Retreat (all-incl., dbl lodging) $182
Group: 3+ nights single/double all-inclusive $80 per night (a 25% discount)/accordion]

A: Thanks to the generosity of other Benedictine Center guests, limited scholarships are available. There is a simple process for groups to apply for support that begins by emailing the Benedictine Center or calling 651.777.7251 to inquire.



Anonymous Patron

“When I see all these people sharing their souls, I can’t help but wonder what mine has to say.”

Anonymous Artist

“Returning for the juried show each year helps me stay at my practice all year long.”


“It’s so peaceful here. Even my body feels it when I walk through the door.”


“Wow. What can I say? I cannot thank you enough for the way that you helped me. This was a wonderful experience—one of a lifetime.”


“I am moved every time I walk in these doors and encounter a new exhibit.”


“I am an artist who just moved to town. I have found my people.”

Dr. Mel Kimble

“We found the spiritual atmosphere, architecture and interaction with the community of St. Paul's Monastery as asset to our work . . . the Benedictine Center keeps our focus on the spiritual dimension of life as it unfolds.”

Fr. Chuck Brambilla

“As a staff we were amazed at the quality of our experience together.”

Pastor Ruth Conrad

“God has breathed empowering courage into my life and ministry through times of silence in this beautiful center.”

Aaron Miller, Campus Minister

“The Benedictine Center made our retreat with college students nothing less than spectacular. What we encountered was a true sense of Benedictine hospitality and prayerfulness.”


“I can’t believe I slept for twelve hours straight. It must have been what my body needed.”


"Our time was peaceful and beautiful and blessed."