Retreat and Spirituality Seekers Welcome

“As soon as anyone knocks the porter of the monastery replies, ‘Thanks be to God’ or ‘Your blessing, please’. Then the porter provides a prompt answer with the warmth of love.” (RB 66:3-4)

Embodying this vision of hospitality, the Benedictine Center is a threshold between St. Paul’s Monastery and the wider world. Staff members serve as Benedict’s porter, ready to welcome each guest with all the gentleness that comes from God.

No Two Spiritual Journeys Are Alike

Some guests make use of one resource at a time, dropping in for prayer, some quiet, or to participate in an event. Some stay connected to the Benedictine Center by meeting one-on-one with a spiritual director or bringing their group to the Benedictine Center for retreat. Others like to take advantage of more than one resource. Our staff is ready to help you decide which options may be uniquely helpful to you.

Personal Retreats

Ready to step into a quiet retreat space and remember what is really important?

At The Benedictine Center, we believe that each spiritual experience is as unique and personal as the individual seeking fulfillment. Our staff will help you explore options so that your time with us is rich with healing and renewal.

Spiritual Direction

Interested in finding a companion for your spiritual journey?

The Benedictine Center’s spiritual direction team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable spiritual leaders trained to be exceptional listeners, paying attention to the movement of the Spirit and helping individuals deepen their own spiritual journeys.

Group Conferencing

Looking for just the right mix of professionalism and personal touch and for your group’s next retreat?

The Benedictine Center works to ensure that conference guests enjoy a deeply rewarding and inspiring experience. Whether your group designs its own agenda or draws on our wide range of resources, we’re confident your group will be enriched by their time at the Monastery.

  • Find Some Quiet
  • Connect with a Guide
  • Participate in an Event
  • Learn Benedictine Spirituality
  • Take in an Exhibit
  • Bring a Group
  • Pray with the Sisters

Events & Registration


Benedictine Mission

The Benedictine Center shares the monastic heritage of St. Paul’s Monastery with all who seek to live with the Gospel as their guide.

Benedictine Vision

The Benedictine Center is a sacred threshold between St. Paul’s Monastery and world. In the name of the Sisters, it creates a space for people to experience peace of mind and peace of spirit. The Benedictine Center forms a “school for the Lord’s service” in the tradition defined by St. Benedict and flourishes in the midst of a monastic community that bears witness to the power of hospitality, conversation, and mutual service. Through prayer, study, and discernment, the Benedictine Center guides people in developing a contemplative heart open to the message of the Gospel and the discovery of God’s presence at the core of their lives.

Benedictine Values

Extend radical hospitality
Practice the art of prayer
Model the formative power of community
Deepen the habit of study
Discern the call to service as disciples of Christ
Express God’s presence in beauty