WEBINAR: Kindling the Fires of Ministry

Divine Spark: Kindling the Fires of Ministry

WEBINAR with Dr. Barbara Sutton

The ebb and flow of ministerial life can cause even the most resilient people to flicker. We may find ourselves growing dimmer, exhibiting signs of burnout. We may wonder whether it is worth it, turning to the language of cynicism or defeat. At the same time, excellent ministers believe that everyone has the capacity to be attentive to what weakens and what strengthens soulfulness. This claim rests in our conviction that renewal, regeneration, and re-imagination are not out of our control even in complex organizational settings. We choose. We act. We find the way forward through the thicket. In this webinar, visiting Scholar Barbara Sutton helps us discover enduring ministries, noticing and responding in good faith to the movement of God in it all.

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