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BENEDICTINES HAVE ALWAYS ENCOURAGED ARTISTS TO EXPRESS THE BEAUTY ONE EXPERIENCES IN ENCOUNTERING GOD THROUGH ONE'S OWN CREATIVITY. Their work contributes to keeping us mindful of God’s abiding presence. St. Paul’s Monastery Art Gallery, with the support of related programming through the Benedictine Center, seeks ways to cultivate the sacramental sense that infuses religiously-themed art and to deepen the role of art as a formative part of Christian life and discipleship. The gallery is open 9a-6p daily.


Current Exhibit

In Your Light We See Light

open 9a-69 daily thru July 1

Art helps us see more clearly.  It helps us truly notice things we too quickly pass by or invites us to pause and look at something familiar as though for the first time.  Artists illuminate the world around us as they use their gifts to cast light on the beauty that abounds, the emotions that stir us, and possibilities of seeing ourselves afresh.  Mark Cosimini and Ron Felt each offer a distinct way of seeing that deepens our sense of God’s presence in the world.

Upcoming Exhibits

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Call for Artists

Participate in the Juried Exhibit

The Art and Spirituality Team of St. Paul’s Monastery invites all artists to submit sacred art for the 2019 Seeing God Juried Exhibit. Click to learn more.



Submit an Art Exhibit Proposal

The Benedictine Center accepts art exhibit proposals from up until February 15 of each year. Click to learn more.

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“I am moved every time I walk in these doors and encounter a new exhibit.”


“I am an artist who just moved to town. I have found my people.”