Services In Any Combination

No two journeys are alike.

Some guests make use of one service at a time, dropping in for prayer, some quiet, or an event. Some make a personal retreat, meet with a spiritual director, or host their group or conference at the Benedictine Center. Others prefer to take advantage of more than one service at a time. Our staff remains ready to help you decide which services or which combinations best meet your unique needs."

Personal Retreats, Spiritual Direction, and Group Conferencing

Personal Retreats

Over the centuries, women and men have looked to monasteries as places where the spirit of hospitality helps them regain their bearings. Seekers have always come from all walks of life to find solitude within community, beauty that stirs the soul, and teachings about prayer and spiritual practice that they can trust and apply in their daily lives.


Spiritual Direction & Guidance

Spiritual direction provides a non-judgmental environment for honest sharing about spiritual matters. Whether in one-on-one sessions or in a group, participants in spiritual direction describe an improved sense of how God is working in their everyday lives.


Group Conferencing

The Benedictine Center is an ideal setting for small conferences, meetings, training workshops, or planning sessions. Our facilities provide an attractive, hospitable environment for groups seeking a serene place to think, carry on conversation, and accomplish their work.



"The Center has been an immense contributor to my spiritual development . . . and I am on the path Home.”


"My first time at the Benedictine Center was a most wonderful experience! It was a time of quiet, solitude, and peace. I am coming back!"