Personal Retreats

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Ready for a personal retreat?

A RETREAT IS THE SIMPLEST OF ANCIENT PRACTICES. It involves a decision to step back from the demands of daily life and step into quiet space to remember what is really key for a life lived well. For well over thirty years the Benedictine Center has been helping guests find their way to quiet, prayer, and renewal. Whether you are coming for the first time or returning once again, welcome.


When is being busy too much?

  • When you feel you are rushing, breathless, and scattered
  • When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • When you don’t have time to think
  • When the noise of daily life becomes overwhelming

At the Benedictine Center you can expect …

  • A warm welcome
  • A private room (even if you don’t spend the night)
  • Made from scratch meals
  • A library in resources
  • Quiet spaces to read, journal, and reflect
  • A beautiful chapel for private prayer and prayer with the monastic community
  • Spacious grounds with a seasonal labyrinth

Talented staff can help you plan your retreat and gather any resources you might need, including the option to meet with a spiritual director.

The Importance of Retreat

We go about our days inundated by stimuli and making the best decisions we can in the moment. Sometimes, however, God invites us to slow down and tap into a deeper wisdom on the way to the future. To borrow the language of the U-Theory, we move from observing, to retreating & reflecting, to acting in new ways. The Benedictine Center staff considers this a fine description of how the Spirit leads us to new ways of being through retreat.

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Personal Retreat Options

The Benedictine Center will be closed to guests until further notice. This closure includes on-site programming, individual retreats, spiritual direction, and conference groups. We are currently offering spiritual direction via phone or web and online events.

Personal Retreat FAQs

A: Sometimes people find themselves a bit tired, unclear, or fragmented. They might be discerning an important question, honor a time of transition, or wanting to grow closer to God.
A: The Benedictine Center offers a personal touch that only gets better with familiarity. Guests enjoy a private room, made from scratch meals, beautiful art and surroundings, and an intimate setting.
A: People tend to enjoy their solitude in the midst of community. Guests can participate in the rhythms of monastic life, daily prayer, Eucharist, and shared meals. They often reflect in quiet journaling time, walking in the garden and some choose to meet with a spiritual director either once or daily.
A: The recommended donation varies according to the duration of your stay and whether or not you choose to meet with a director. As benchmarks, you might consider a simple day of prayer with lunch ($45.00), an all-inclusive one-night retreat ($85.00), or a one-night retreat with spiritual direction ($130.00). Options extend up to an 8-day retreat.
A: Thanks to the generosity of other Benedictine Center guests, scholarships are available. There is a simple process to apply that begins by emailing the Benedictine Center or calling 651.777.7251 to inquire.

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“When I see all these people sharing their souls, I can’t help but wonder what mine has to say.”

Anonymous Patron

“Returning for the juried show each year helps me stay at my practice all year long.”

Anonymous Artist

“It’s so peaceful here. Even my body feels it when I walk through the door.”


“Wow. What can I say? I cannot thank you enough for the way that you helped me. This was a wonderful experience—one of a lifetime.”


“I am moved every time I walk in these doors and encounter a new exhibit.”


“I am an artist who just moved to town. I have found my people.”


“We found the spiritual atmosphere, architecture and interaction with the community of St. Paul's Monastery as asset to our work . . . the Benedictine Center keeps our focus on the spiritual dimension of life as it unfolds.”

Dr. Mel Kimble

“As a staff we were amazed at the quality of our experience together.”

Fr. Chuck Brambilla

“God has breathed empowering courage into my life and ministry through times of silence in this beautiful center.”

Pastor Ruth Conrad

“The Benedictine Center made our retreat with college students nothing less than spectacular. What we encountered was a true sense of Benedictine hospitality and prayerfulness.”

Aaron Miller, Campus Minister

“I can’t believe I slept for twelve hours straight. It must have been what my body needed.”


"Our time was peaceful and beautiful and blessed."


“I’ve been in spiritual direction for a long time. I wouldn't be without it.”


“My spiritual director helps me be me. I appreciate the way she encourages me as I sort through my relationship with God.”


“Sometimes I come and have no idea what I’m going to talk about. I am amazed to see what surfaces every time.”


“I’m not sure exactly why, but it just seemed like it was time to go on retreat.”


“I have had just the right balance of solitude and community. What a blessing to be able to be apart without feeling alone on my journey.”


"Thank you for the retreat. It was refreshing, renewing, restful, and helpful."


"The Center has been an immense contributor to my spiritual development . . . and I am on the path Home.”


"My first time at the Benedictine Center was a most wonderful experience! It was a time of quiet, solitude, and peace. I am coming back!"


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