Spiritual Direction & Guidance

Spiritual Direction | For the New and Experienced


Ideal for times of . . .

  • Discernment
  • Transition
  • Loss
  • Renewal
  • A vague sense of wanting something more

What Is Spiritual Direction Anyway?

Spiritual direction benefits include …

  • A non-judgmental environment for honest sharing about spiritual matters
  • Options for one-on-one or group sessions
  • An improved sense of how God is working in their everyday lives.

Events Related to Spiritual Direction

Members of the Spiritual Direction Team

Spiritual Direction FAQs

A: Most often guests meet monthly for about an hour (as individuals) or two (as groups), either at the monastery or at a more mutually convenient location. There are no set number of meetings for spiritual direction, nor a need to commit to a certain length of time. Together with your director, you determine how this ancient practice can best be most helpful to you.
A: The recommended donation for spiritual direction is 75.00 per hour for individual sessions and 40.00 for groups. Those who are able often give more and, thanks to such generosity, assistance is made available for others.
A: Spiritual Directors are available to provide group direction for up to six people at a time, using two-hour sessions, and at a cost of 40.00 per person. New groups are most often formed from a waiting list, after individuals have contacted the Benedictine Center and a group of four to six is assembled. Facilitated praying, sharing, and listening help participants notice God’s guidance and presence.
A: Start by contacting the Benedictine Center. We respect that the Spirit is at work in this process, so, after listening, we’ll put you in touch with someone for a free initial conversation. You will likely meet together to explore your interest in spiritual direction and to answer questions you might have. If it seems a mutually good fit, you might continue meeting together. Otherwise, this team member can draw from what you learned together to recommend someone else.


“I’ve been in spiritual direction for a long time. I wouldn't be without it.”


“My spiritual director helps me be me. I appreciate the way she encourages me as I sort through my relationship with God.”


“Sometimes I come and have no idea what I’m going to talk about. I am amazed to see what surfaces every time.”