NEW Benedictine CARE Wellness Program

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New Benedictine CARE Wellness Program

A lack of health information isn’t causing our worldwide health crisis. Rather, what if it is being caused by a lack of connection to the internal physical body, a lack of space around mental thought processes, isolation caused from thinking we have to fix ourselves by ourselves, and separation from a personal and intimate relationship with the Beloved?

NEW Benedictine CARE Wellness Program


Benedictine CARE Integrates Contemplative Practices, the Benedictine Monastic Heritage, and Therapeutic Lifestyle Programming

Old habits, choices we no longer want to make, over indulgences, and living within a loud culture all amplify internal static that makes it almost impossible to hear, to listen, to our embodied true selves anymore. This inability to listen, to be guided by our internal wisdom, creates disconnection. It amplifies the desire for instant gratification, anything to provide temporary comfort or distraction, at the expense of long-term goals and nurturing relationships.

In Benedictine CARE, you are guided in the contemplative practices of Centering Prayer and Bio-Spiritual Focusing to start calming this internal static.

At the same time, you will study how the Benedictine monastic values of Stability, Stewardship, and Community all enhance your ability to sustain desired long-term changes. You will be within a group of individuals making similar changes as you. You will share conversations around:

  • How does Stability increase our ability to stand in the seemingly uncomfortable void change creates?
  • How does the responsibility of Stewardship also apply to our physical bodies and minds?
  • And how does coming together in Community to practice this help facilitate long-term change?

And finally, you will receive important education on what lifestyle choices offer the most protection from chronic lifestyle diseases. You will learn what it means to have a therapeutic lifestyle and what it means to use "Food as Medicine."

The Format for Benedictine CARE


Benedictine CARE is an ongoing, recurring program membership. Start when you are ready. Stop when you want. There is no minimum commitment and enrollment is always open.

Four monthly group meeting times are currently available. Click here to view options.

View full program details here.

Cost: $89 per month

  • Recurring until you discontinue program 
  •  No minimum duration of enrollment required
  •  Same-day ability to cancel through your own account settings
  •  Program fees support the ministries of the Benedictine Center
  •  NOTE: You will be directed to Perfectly Produce Nutrition Services for enrollment

Part 1: A Benedictine Model of Holistic Health - Watch Video

Part 2: The Benedictine CARE Approach - Watch Video

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Please note: Benedictine CARE is a health-education program and does not provide medical nutrition therapy. Individual consultations are available at an additional charge for review of medical history if requested. The Benedictine Center and St. Paul’s Monastery are not held liable for the information provided. Program members assume all liability when implementing the education provided through CARE programs and assume all responsibility in confirming with their medical doctors that there are no considerations with prescriptions, current medical conditions, or medical history.


Program Director: Teri Rose, MS, LN, OblSB


I started my graduate training in nutrition thinking that if everyone just ate and took care of themselves “the way they are suppose to” they could control their health and how they felt. Just make different choices, right? I was expertly taught how to evaluate what lifestyle choices a person should make and then hand them the list of what to do. But my clients quickly introduced me to the more important considerations of health. The reality that most individuals, even with the expert list in hand of what to do and why, continue to struggle in that sacred sliver of space right before a choice. Through their stories, I began to see my own. I was just as uncomfortable in that sacred space as they were. Life was never going to feel right, comfortable, or nurturing when in that space you feel disconnected, alone, and unvaluable. So, I took a deep breath and just tried standing in that space. Benedictine CARE is a result of this ongoing experience of standing in that sacred space. As with any true guide, its goal is to point you to the same source of healing. My full bio and resume are available here.

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