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Did You Know . . . ? | 35 Quick Facts About the Benedictine Center

Did You Know . . . ? 35 quick facts about the Benedictine Center compiled by Nancy Cicero, Oblate 35. The Vision of the Benedictine Center is to be “a sacred threshold between St. Paul’s Monastery and the wider world.” 34. The Benedictine Center embodies the values of the Monastic Community by: Extending radical hospitality;…
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Writing from the Center | Companioning Writers

Companioning Writers “So what do you do with your time?” I’m asked. “Write and work with writers,” I say. “What do you mean, ‘work with writers’?” they respond. “I am primarily a companion, someone who walks alongside them as they do the work only they can do.” Then comes the Minnesota reply. “That’s interesting.” Present…
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