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A Day with Ministry on the Margins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to befriend someone who had spent time in prison? S. Paula Hagen OSB has an experience to share about volunteering with S. Kathleen Atkinson OSB, who is coming soon to the Benedictine Center of St. Paul's Monastery.
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Conversatio: Living Conversion through Hospitality

S. Kathleen Atkinson OSB is the founder of Ministry on the Margins and keynote presenter for the Benedictine Center's 2020 Radical Hospitality Series (Feb. 27 - Mar. 1). Conversatio Living Conversion through Hospitality After returning from four months in Guatemala, I knew I couldn’t go back to ministry as it had been. I needed to…
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Did You Know . . . ? | 35 Quick Facts About the Benedictine Center

Did You Know . . . ? 35 quick facts about the Benedictine Center compiled by Nancy Cicero, Oblate 35. The Vision of the Benedictine Center is to be “a sacred threshold between St. Paul’s Monastery and the wider world.” 34. The Benedictine Center embodies the values of the Monastic Community by: Extending radical hospitality;…
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WEBINAR: Kindling the Fires of Ministry

Divine Spark: Kindling the Fires of Ministry WEBINAR with Dr. Barbara Sutton The ebb and flow of ministerial life can cause even the most resilient people to flicker. We may find ourselves growing dimmer, exhibiting signs of burnout. We may wonder whether it is worth it, turning to the language of cynicism or defeat. At…
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A New Story

This reflection was written in response to an experience at the Benedictine Center called "Divine Spark: Kindling the Fires of Ministry." A New Story Light from Your presence Sparks my soul The spark and careful tending start a small flame Writing, reflection, good conversation partners, prayer and lectio breathe life into the flame The challenges…
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Dr. Barbara Sutton: The 2017-2018 Visiting Scholar

Dr. Barbara Sutton was interviewed by Victor Klimoski, a member of the Benedictine Center Advisory Council a frequent presenter, and a long-time collaborator with Sutton. A listing of Sutton's 2017-2018 events appears at bottom. Dr. Barbara Sutton, Director of Ministerial Formation and Field Education and a member of the faculty  at Saint John’s School of…
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