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Finding Unexpected Treasure in Lectio Divina

Finding Unexpected Treasure in Lectio Divina When I was encouraged to  attend the School of Lectio Divina, I was drawn to the idea, but I also had some hesitation. I was somewhat familiar with lectio divina (literally “divine reading”) as an ancient practice of praying with scripture, and I had experienced lectio divina in its…
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And Yet the Cardinal Sings

And Yet the Cardinal Sings . . . The weight of the world felt very heavy this morning as I walked in the pre-dawn fog and gloom through the deserted park near my house. It was as if the suffering of a world-turned-upside-down was hanging in the air with every pregnant water droplet in the…
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Conversatio: Living Conversion through Hospitality

S. Kathleen Atkinson OSB is the founder of Ministry on the Margins and keynote presenter for the Benedictine Center's 2020 Radical Hospitality Series (Feb. 27 - Mar. 1). Conversatio Living Conversion through Hospitality After returning from four months in Guatemala, I knew I couldn’t go back to ministry as it had been. I needed to…
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New 2018 Catalog

Download the New 2018 Catalog featuring Benedictine reflections, workshops, retreats, and other spiritual resources
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The Erector Set: Adapting to Others

The Erector Set “[The abbot must] accommodate and adapt himself to each one’s character and intelligence ….”         – RB1980 2.32 I’m no abbot, but I am trying to adapt myself to my son’s character. Toby’s a little like a cat—he’s stubborn and private, and I have to coax him to get him to come to…
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Writing from the Center | Companioning Writers

Companioning Writers “So what do you do with your time?” I’m asked. “Write and work with writers,” I say. “What do you mean, ‘work with writers’?” they respond. “I am primarily a companion, someone who walks alongside them as they do the work only they can do.” Then comes the Minnesota reply. “That’s interesting.” Present…
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