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Spiritual Director Profile: Tod Twist

Spiritual Director Profile: Tod Twist Meeting God at the edge of the desert How did I come to Spiritual Direction? I backed into it. No matter how we talk about mileage or baggage, life catches up with all of us. By the time I hit my 40’s, I was dealing with serious accumulated stuff in…
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Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl

Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl One of my favorite activities in life is to take a nice, long walk. I love to walk in my neighborhood and see how the scenery changes with the seasons. I enjoy watching my neighbors with their children and pets. Sometimes prayers of thanks for all that I am noticing…
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Spiritual Director Profile: Sheryl Rose

Spiritual Director Profile: Sheryl Rose Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 I am one of the great all time efficient “doers,” a quintessential Martha if you will. Being a firstborn overly responsible type, I worked full time while raising two children and volunteering at our parish and in the community. This…
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Discernment Begins Now

Discernment Begins Now Discernment means a lot of things to people, but I like the approach of seeing discernment as a way of life. To put it another way, discernment is spending time in God’s presence today as a way to prepare for what’s coming tomorrow. The decisions or crises will still be hard, but…
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Life Is a School for Discernment

Life Is a School for Discernment Benedictine spirituality moved from theory to practice again for me this month during the first online School of Discernment. Dr. Kathleen Cahalan taught, accompanied by familiar members of the spiritual direction team, but this time twice as many participants came together as we explored what hope and practical help…
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Discernment Flows From a Deeper Place

Discernment Flows From A Deeper Place During the School of Discernment a few weeks ago, Kathleen Cahalan described discernment in a way that was particularly meaningful. She said discernment can be practiced as a disposition, a way of life, instead of an occasional exercise we take up when we have a big decision to make.…
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