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The School of Lectio Divina: An Invitation to Abundance

By the mid-point of the School of Lectio I wrote this in my journal, “I have fallen in love with Scripture as prayer!”  It was as if God and I were rekindling an old friendship on a long weekend retreat together.  I was learning anew what it might look like to trust God enough to live a life completely surrendered to God.
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Lectio Divina: A Word for Me

Lectio Divina: A Word for Me Once upon a time there were two sisters, Mary and Martha, who had Jesus as a dinner guest. Martha, a first century ancestor of Martha Stewart, created an impeccable meal. Mary created—well, Mary was a first century ancestor of couch potatoes and just sat at Jesus’ feet. Isn’t that how the story…
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Practicing Sustained Lectio Divina

This reflection about sustained lectio divina is excerpted from Dr. Kathleen Cahalan's keynote lecture at the Benedictine Center on 27 Oct 2017, "Today This Scripture Is Fulfilled in Your Hearing." Click here for the full transcript, including a demonstration of lectio using the Gospel of Luke. Dr. Cahalan is professor of practical theology at Saint…
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Lectio Divina and Preferring Christ: Benedictine Spirituality (Part 3 of 3)

Sustaining lectio divina and preferring nothing whatsoever to Christ anchor the Benedictine school of spirituality. Sustaining Lectio Divina The School of Lectio Divina is at the heart of the Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery’s attempt to share the riches of Benedictine spirituality. The core conviction is that praying the Scriptures is allowing the Word…
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