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Spiritual Director Profile: Sister Virginia Matter

My calling into the journey as a spiritual companion or Director is likely because of the many spiritual companions and friends I experienced in my life. As I reflect, I am aware of how blessed I have been because of those who have challenged and stretched my life within the joys and sorrows. Each has been a healer for my flaws and imperfections. In my writing, I realize there are many names I use for those who journeyed with me. You will see they each touched me in meaningful ways.

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My Journey into Spiritual Direction: Steve Arnold

For many years I taught courses on personal and corporate strategic planning. I was called to develop servant leaders for parish ministry, and I found strategic planning a helpful tool for supporting others as they journeyed along the way. Yet, my journey into spiritual direction was anything but strategic on my part. I just sort of fell into it.

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Spiritual Director Profile: Tod Twist

Spiritual Director Profile: Tod Twist Meeting God at the edge of the desert How did I come to Spiritual Direction? I backed into it. No matter how we talk about mileage or baggage, life catches up with all of us. By the time I hit my 40’s, I was dealing with serious accumulated stuff in…
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Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl

Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl One of my favorite activities in life is to take a nice, long walk. I love to walk in my neighborhood and see how the scenery changes with the seasons. I enjoy watching my neighbors with their children and pets. Sometimes prayers of thanks for all that I am noticing…
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Spiritual Director Profile: Sheryl Rose

Spiritual Director Profile: Sheryl Rose Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 I am one of the great all time efficient “doers,” a quintessential Martha if you will. Being a firstborn overly responsible type, I worked full time while raising two children and volunteering at our parish and in the community. This…
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