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2020 Vision

2020 Vision Christ is the light that allows people to see things in their fullness.   The precise and intended effect of such a light is to see Christ everywhere else.  In fact, that is my only definition of a true Christian.  A mature Christian sees Christ in everything and everyone else.   ~Richard Rohr, The Universal…
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Triduum: Jesus Models Essence and Service

Through the Triduum and Easter, Jesus provides a roadmap for the spiritual path of transformation. His actions model how we might live more deeply from our souls in ways that lead to service. He shows us a path from living out of the karmic self of the ego into the Kriya action of Essence.
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And Yet the Cardinal Sings

And Yet the Cardinal Sings . . . The weight of the world felt very heavy this morning as I walked in the pre-dawn fog and gloom through the deserted park near my house. It was as if the suffering of a world-turned-upside-down was hanging in the air with every pregnant water droplet in the…
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Companions for the Journey

Companions for the Journey Inward There is a great paradox in navigating the spiritual path. It has been said by sages throughout history that the spiritual journey is a do-it-yourself project. No one, not even the wisest teacher, can walk the path for us.  The best they can do is point us in the right…
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