We Dare to Hope

We live in a broken world- a world in which divisions along political, economic, racial and social lines are rampant.  A world that operates according to a system of values at variance to the Gospel values taught by Jesus Christ. A world that in which there is too much hunger and starvation, too many crimes of violence, too much war. A world of so much pain. One of the great gifts that Christianity has to offer our broken world is hope–the conviction that the way things are is not the way they must be. Christianity has a story of hope.

How do we, as Christians, avoid the temptation to fatalism and continue to dare to hope in the midst of the brokenness of our world?  And, equally importantly, how do we convey that hope to others?  If we can live and share our Christian hope, we will give the world something for which it hungers.

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Location: Benedictine Center

Address: St. Paul's Monastery 2675 Benet Road St. Paul, MN 55109

Date & Time Details: Tues., Oct. 30, 7-9p

  • $25.00 – Program

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