Father Matt Linn, SJ

Benedictine Associate's Reflection on Father Matt Linn, SJ

Written by Sister Karen Sames, OSB, Benedictine Associates Director

The Benedictine Associates are in the midst of transitions. Whether it is changing our permanent address or changing semesters at school, or changing to cabin schedules. We have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly transitions. By the grace of God, we are able to handle every transition!
How wonderful it is to stop, reflect, listen, and enjoy God’s love for us in retreat. The Benedictine Associates are invited to join us for our community retreat every year. What a wonderful way to deepen our relationship with them.

This year, Father Matt Linn, SJ gave conferences on the beatitudes: Beatitudes Peace and Healing Our Hurts. Father Matt started each conference with a prayer with gestures. We cupped our hands above our heads to receive the sun, the light of Christ and we let that wash over us, reach out in front of us and then behind us, then beneath our feet and then give the light of Christ in the four directions (north, south, east, and west). The Lakota have three more directions—above, below, and within. After you have received the light of Christ, you are ready to go forth and be a light in the world today.

"Simple Ways to Pray for Healing" written by Father Matt Linn. Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Dennis Linn.

Father Matt shared many personal stories and videos that demonstrated the beatitude he was explaining in the conference. He told us stories of when he was growing up, stories of his family, his religious formation and his ministry. Through all of these stories, he was asking What does God want from me. How can I forgive? How can I heal my hurts? How? All we have to do is to accept God’s unconditional love. There is no way to earn God’s love. God gives it freely to all people, plants and animals. One thing that struck me was God drops rain on all, the good and the bad, the flowers and the weeds. God blesses all the good and the bad. We just have to acknowledge it and receive it.

Father Matt is an author of over 24 books. He sometimes writes in collaboration with his brother Dennis. If you are interested in his writings, Google Fr. Matt Linn, SJ.

Blessings on all of us.

Watch the St. Paul's Monastery Annual Retreat: The Beatitudes (June 12-16) here.

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