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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully Written by Kami Pohl, OblSB On a crisp fall night in Dallas, TX in the late 1970’s, I gathered with my grandparents, parents, brothers, aunt and uncle for a special celebratory dinner. I don’t remember if I was excited because this was a nicer restaurant than we normally patronized, but I vividly recall…
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Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl

Spiritual Director Profile: Kami Pohl One of my favorite activities in life is to take a nice, long walk. I love to walk in my neighborhood and see how the scenery changes with the seasons. I enjoy watching my neighbors with their children and pets. Sometimes prayers of thanks for all that I am noticing…
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The School of Lectio Divina: An Invitation to Abundance

By the mid-point of the School of Lectio I wrote this in my journal, “I have fallen in love with Scripture as prayer!”  It was as if God and I were rekindling an old friendship on a long weekend retreat together.  I was learning anew what it might look like to trust God enough to live a life completely surrendered to God.

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The Search for Vitality and Ways Spiritual Direction Can Help

The Search for Vitality and Ways Spiritual Direction Can Help “I’ve had more energy around work this past month, but I’m worried because I feel some of that old intensity coming back.  I want to continue experiencing the vitality of living from my centered self.  I’m afraid that I will slip back into the old…
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A New Story

This reflection was written in response to an experience at the Benedictine Center called "Divine Spark: Kindling the Fires of Ministry." A New Story Light from Your presence Sparks my soul The spark and careful tending start a small flame Writing, reflection, good conversation partners, prayer and lectio breathe life into the flame The challenges…
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